1. Two (2) units of air-conditioned lecture rooms are equipped with multimedia with a capacity of 40 people per unit.
  2. One (1) seminar and discussion room unit with a capacity of 20 people.
  3. One Secretarial and Management Room
  4. Online Library (ScienceDirect complete e-journal and e-book), as well as the library building integrated with the faculty and UNDIP libraries.
  5. UPT Integrated Laboratory has a Research Center and analytical equipment to support engineering practices in the field of research.
  6. Pilot Plant for Biodiesel Production
  7. Pilot Plant Production of Mineral Water, Aquadest, and Bottled Water
  8. Liquid Waste Treatment Unit, Solid Waste Treatment, Waste Gas Treatment
  9. Diponegoro Reservoir
  10. Teaching Factory for Biobriquet and Biopellet Production (KHDTK Wana Dipo Pengaron Ungaran, Semarang Regency)
  11. Pilot Plant for Microalgae Production
  12. Meat and Laying Chicken Production Unit
  13. Fresh Fish Production Unit